The Cope Center provides a wide variety of services…Cope Center Logo-460 with border

Wellness & Recovery Services: are provided daily. The majority of meetings are peer-assisted.  Meetings with professionals must be scheduled.  All meetings are confidential and/or anonymous.

Peer Recovery Meetings:  These meetings are all peer assisted.  Again, meetings are held in confidence and/or anonymous.

Painting Classes: These classes are provided by local artists.  Everyone in the community is invited.  Please review the Events Calendar for the appropriate date and time.

Cooking Classes: These classes are offered by residents of the community.  Come share one of your family’s recipes.

Financial Management Classes:  These classes are offered through our association with Community Action of Nicholas County and are schedule on an “as needed” basis. 

Support Group Meetings:  There are a number of support group meetings held at the Cope Center.  Please check our Events Calendar for more details.  Again,  meetings are anonymous, unless otherwise stated.