Welcome to the Richwood Cope Center. The Center¬† is a community-based, Cope Center Logodrop-in center serving the residents of eastern Nicholas County.¬† The name is an acronym for “Creating Opportunities for Personal Empowerment.”

Pat, the Director of the Center, says to anyone in the community that needs life-assistance, “Come join us just to hang out, socialize and be comfortable. We always have a cup of coffee waiting for you.”

Mission Statement

The mission of the Richwood COPE Center is to provide quality behavioral healthcare services that are affordable, accessible, and responsive to individual, family and community needs. Our goal is to remove social barriers and create opportunities through self-determination and personal empowerment  The COPE Center relies on both professional counselors and peer-counseling to assists individuals and families in the areas of alcohol/drug abuse, family crises, and problems involving daily living.