Disaster Relief Update…and More…

Flood damage in Richwood, WV
Flood damage in Richwood, WV. Cleanup is now underway.

Update: there is now a Command Center that is coordinating the relief effort in Richwood.  Information regarding:

  • how to make a donation,
  • where and/or how to obtain assistance (FEMA, medical, cleanup, etc.), and
  • how to volunteer in the cleanup effort

can be found at by going to this link.

You can also call the Richwood Family Center at 304-846-2773  for help.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is now setting up their Command Center at City Hall, Second Floor.  They will be taking applications and working with business owners and residents from 7:00am to 7:00pm.

The National Guard medical unit/dispensary has move to Camden Family Health Center (the former office of Doctor Joe Dawson).  The office is located at 58 East Main Street, Richwood, WV 26261.  Phone number is: 304-846-2608.   Again, you can obtain tetanus shots/inoculations and general medical supplies (band-aides, rubbing alcohol, etc.)

And finally, the “boil water” alert has been lifted.  Richwood water customers can now use water safely.  We are on the rebuild.

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